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Leased Rights

Purchasing a lease does not mean that you own the beat outright, you are renting the beat or beats for a set period of distribution. Purchasing leased beats grants you 2000 digital copies of the song along with 2 tv plays and 2 radio plays. The beats will still be sold online. Once you have distributed your beats leases in full you must purchase another lease to the beat or beats to continue distribution of the song.If you would like to remove limitation to the beat or beats and have full ownership, you must purchase the beat or beats exlusively.

Resale of these beats are prohibited.


What You Got

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Rap Beats And Instrumentals

Notice Please Use Only Googles Chrome Browser To Download These Beats. All Other Browsers Including Mobile Phones Will Download Them Improperly Resulting in hassles for you. Beats Are Untagged Once You Purchase Them


How to purchase these beats

1. Signup for your Free Account

Then Login To Your Account 

2. Click the "Buy Now" button next to the beats you want to purchase

3. When ready click on the "Checkout" button followed by "confirm order"

4. Next click on the "Checkout With PayPal" icon and you will be brought to PayPal to pay for the beats you have selected  

5. Once you have made the payment your order has been processed and you will receive an email shortly after with detailed instructions on how to download your beats

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Been a long time
Dirty South
$10.00 Lease BUY NOW
Dirty South
$10.00 Lease BUY NOW
East Coast
$10.00 Lease BUY NOW
Steel Horse (Billy George On Guitars)
$10.00 Lease BUY NOW

All Leases Are In Mp3 Format And Are Credited To Your Account.  You Will Find Them In The "Your Account" Tab.Click the Word "Completed" Next To Each Beat To Download Them.You Must Be Logged In To Do This. Please Make Sure You Use ONLY Google Chrome Browser To Download The Beats Properly.

Eclipsethaproducer.com is the #1 site to buy beats online. We have been in business for over 3 years and have one of the most comprehensive selections of hip hop beats and rap instrumentals available to artist and performers around the world.  You won’t find a more diverse set Rap beats and instrumentals anywhere else on the internet.

If you are looking to buy beats online or simply browsing the Internet for beats for sale from a top music library, eclipsethaproducer.com is the place to go. You can buy beats or buy rap beats online all from one place. Once you purchase a non-exclusive beat you are instantly able to use the beat for your demo, mix tape, album etc.

Eclipse Tha Producer has a wide variety of beats to choose from including. Elite beats, Hooked beats, Rock Ballad beats, Hardcore beats, Club beats, Gangsta beats, Pop beats, East Coast beats, West Coast beats, Dirty South beats, RnB beats and Ambient beats

With that being said, its no wonder why Eclipsethaproducer.com is the #1 site to purchase rap beats and instrumentals online! Beat that!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourself some Eclipse Tha Producer Signature beats today and show your fans what your worth!

Eclipse Tha Producer is widely known over the internet and has become an internet sensation for the likes of many artists today. With an evergrowing fansbase totaling 9.3 Million fans and growing. Eclipse Tha Producer is the goto guy when you need to get a high quality beat for your next hit! 

Please remember when using these beats you must put "Eclipse Tha Producer" within the credits of production for the beat, including all sites that are for distributing your songs like Reverbnation, Youtube, Soundclick etc. This is part of the lease as well as the exclusive contracts to these rap beats. All Rights Reserved

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1 Summer In Paradise (With Hook By Eclipse Tha Producer) 10.00
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Beat Policy

You are permitted to use beats for album, mixtapes, live performance plus you may distribute up to 2000 copies before you must purchase another lease for additional use.Exclusive beats are $400+ each beat. You will be granted full ownership apon purchasing your beat or beats.I do not ask for any royalties at all so all profits made from the song you keep. I do however require that credit is given to me Eclipse Tha Producer within the credits.Once you make your purchase your money cannot be refunded as this is a digital media purchase and to prevent freebies and fraudulant activity all sales are final. Monthly memebership are considered leased beats.Monthly reoccuring paypal subscription is required.

Resale of these beats are prohibited.

Exclusive Beats

Purchasing exclusive beats means you will have full ownership to the beat or beats. You will still have to give credit to Eclipse Tha Producer for the beats used . No royalties are needed meaning you do not have to register the beat or beats with ASCAP or BMI.You retain 100% of all sales from your song with the specified beat or beats that you have purchased.The beat or beats you purchase exclusively will be taken off the site and will never be sold again. Purchasing exclusive beats online is the surefire way to make sure you have something unique that will be your very own!

Resale of these beats are prohibited

Custom Beats

Custom Beats

Custom beats are exclusive sales only. Custom beats are $600 and up. The beats will never be put on the website. You will be the only person in the world who has this beat. You retain all proffits. You still have to give credits to Eclipse Tha Producer for making the beat..Buy Rap Beats Online From Eclipse Tha Producer.

Resale of these beats are prohibited.